history of Cornerstone


The United Brethren in Christ denomination made public their intention to merge into the Missionary Church denomination.  This prompted Decatur Missionary to contact Decatur United Brethren in Christ Church with a proposal to merge the two local churches into one larger church.


The vision that God brought called for a new identity for both churches.  The Decatur Missionary Church building was put up for sale and was sold within days.  On October 23, 2004, Cornerstone Community Church was dedicated with the elder board established with equal members from both churches.


With the continuing growth of Cornerstone, the church saw fit that it needed more room. Thus the building of the activity center. The activity center was designed to host fellowship gatherings and allow for church events.


With the expansion of a land for future needs Cornerstone is continuing to grow and bring more and more people to Christ. The ministries of Cornerstone have seen many changes but have always been centered in teaching of the messiah and His promises to us through His word. 


We know from scripture that giving back our tithes and offerings is a form of worship.
Each week, we collect these gifts during the Sunday morning worship service. But sometimes, you may miss a service and wonder how you can give. Or you may want to designate a gift for a particular project or program.

  • Many parishioners have their gifts automatically taken out of their checking/savings account. For questions about how to do this, contact us at 260. 724.7556.
  • You can mail your gift to Cornerstone Community Church, 909 E. Monroe, Decatur IN 46733